Leandro Serafim

Game Programmer

[at] gameprogrammer [dot] com [dot] br

leandro.gameprog [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm a game programmer and I have been in the game development industry since 2010. I have been part of the main development team of several games, which you can check below.

Legendary Heroes

MOBA game for Android / iOS.
A campaign game where you pick up your hero and fight in a 3v3 map. Each map you beat you receive resources to buy items and more heroes.

Elite Force

Shooter game for Android / iOS
In this game you are a member of a police elite unit that fights crime by invading the suburbs. Each mission rewards you additional resources to purchase better weapons and equipments to be used against your enemies.

Moto Locos

Runner game for Android / iOS.
A runner game where you choose your rider and needs to reach the goal before the time is up. You can grab money along the way to buy items to improve your biker.

Zombie Chickens

Slice game for Android / iOS
In this game you must kill all the zombie chickens, but beware there are bombs that will explode if you slice them! Don't forget to pick up the coins to improve your powers against the zomvie chickens!


Rhythm game for Android / iOS.
Mix various samples from well known DJs and create your own song! Then you can play this song ind DJ Pad or play the songs of your friends! The more fans you built in game, more Traks you receive to purchase new samples!


Casual game Android / iOS
Simple yet challenging mechanics in an arcade indie highscore chase game. Touch the bubble, rotate it, and collide with each other. More bubbles you get, more points you receive.